What is Molucular Reform Therapy?

The Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT) was developed based on research accumulated over 150 years. This therapeutically concept was hailed by the US and international medical fraternity and nutritional bodies such as :-
  • Dr. Linus Pauling, a two time winner of the Nobel Prize, predicted that MRT is destined to become the mainstream of medical studied in the 21st Century.
  • Medical studies of cells also became the subject of renowned university including Johns Hopkins University and University of California, Berkeley.
A brainchild of the U.S. Congress’s Special Committee of Nutrient Investigation (SCNI) established in 1975, the MRT concept was first introduced through a 5,000-page report titled Elements Required by Human and Nutrients fronted by two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr Linus Pauling after an in-depth study on nutrition.
Also known as the Cell Reform Therapy, the MRT advocates that the human body will not fall sick as long as the body cells are receiving balanced nutrients regularly – free from metabolic abnormalities at cellular level. Accordingly, The ELKEN MRT emphasises on feeding the body with four life-supporting elements to achieve optimal health.
Step 1 : Balanced Nutrition
To maintain optimum health, our bodies need 46 essential types of nutrients on a daily basis. Also known as ‘metabolic nutrients’, the 46 essential nutrients consist of :

8 types of essential amino acids
8 types of vitamins and
20 types of minerals

As their functions are closely inter-linked, it is vital for one to ensure a balanced intake of all 46 essential nutrients on a daily basis. On the other hand, long-term inadequate intake has been linked to metabolic disturbances at cellular level and a higher chance of developing chronic diseases. 
The ELKEN MRT Step 1 thus aims to correct and prevent this nutrition imbalance by the means of nutrition supplement where it is necessary.
Recommended Elken Products ( Step 1 ):-
  • Elken Spirulina
  • Win Calrich
  • Fitorac
  • Ester-C 500 Plus
STEP 2 : Increasing Oxygen Intake
Oxygen is the fountain of life. We can survive for days without food and water, but will die in six minutes if we are deprived of oxygen. It is a necessary ingredient as our body produces millions of new cells to replace those lost through the metabolic process everyday.

However, modern lifestyles and industrial pollution often deprive us of oxygen, without us being aware. This interrupts the metabolic process and cell renewals, leaving us susceptible to chronic conditions.

ELKEN MRT Step 2 aims to increase our oxygen intake through supplements, to effectively improve oxygen supplies in our blood circulation.

Recommended Elken Products ( Step 2 ):-
  • AO Max
  • Guasa Series
  • Win Rei Shi
STEP 3 : Detoxification
We need to clean and detoxify our body everyday, for food that is undigested and unabsorbed would end up forming ‘toxic wastes’ which can permeate our intestinal walls, be reabsorbed into blood capillaries and reach all parts of our bodies – thus increasing our risks of developing chronic illnesses.

ELKEN MRT Step 3 aims to dispel this health threat by introducing a natural and effective method to detoxify our body.

Recommended Elken Products ( Step 3 ) :-
  • Fujita Lactose-S
  • Bio Pure Series R.O Water Purification System
STEP 4 – Health Regulation

Contrary to popular beliefs, chronic illness is NOT a part of the ageing process. In fact, our body possesses the power to heal itself, if it receives constant nourishment, revitalisation and are able to carry out required bodily mechanisms.

We, however, are prone to compromising our health by not supplying our body of sufficient rest, nutrition, oxygen, detoxification and water. It renders our body vulnerable to metabolic disorders such as enzyme deficiency, which leads to indigestion and underweight problems, as well as metabolic disorders, which can combine with endocrine disorder to cause obesity. These are not ideal states of health.

A further lack of health regulation erodes our body’s self-healing ability, thus weakening our resistance against illnesses and diseases.

ELKEN MRT Step 4 promotes health regulation as the most effective means of regaining control of our health through the consumption of nourishing and strengthening products for an elevated state of well-being.

Recommended Elken Products ( Step 4 ):-
  • Win O’ Taka Enzyme
  • Win HiFiber CE
  • LD-VENUS Gold
  • DK Join
  • LiveXtra
  • Win IG6 Colostrum
  • LD-Esteem
  • Dr. Diet
  • Dr. Xeniji
  • Palace Prime

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  • 1. SITI RAHMAH MASKOR  |  November 7, 2011 at 6:38 am

    I want to know more about CELJOY -collagen with rosehip extract.
    Ingredients: chicken collagen type II – what is this? – does it halal according to islamic law?


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