Ultra Whitening Essence

 Look great with fairer, smoother skin with this concentrated essence which reduces freckles and pigmentation from sun exposure while revitalising your skin. Using a unique blend of sunflower seed, safflower and vitamin C, you can experience nature’s enhancing properties through the suppression of melanin production, pigmentation minimization, and lightening of existing melanin. As melanin reduces and phases out, your skin’s condition will improve and lighten up with visible fairness and translucence.
PRICE = RM307.00

Ultra Whitening Mask

Skin darkening, also known as hyperpigmentation, stems from various causes from cumulative UV rays exposure, hormonal changes to pregnancy. Hence, an effective whitening treatment should penetrate deep into the skin’s epidermis layers where the pigments are produced, perform remedial actions to remove them and prevent new ones from forming.
The Ultra Whitening Mask is a mask treatment utilising natural extracts that exhibit active whitening properties. Comprised of sunflower seed, safflower and vitamin C, it is able to suppress melanin production, minimize pigmentation and lighten existing melanin, providing you with a brighter complexion.

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