Multi-Defense Cleansing Milk

 Pre-cleansing is a fundamental step prior to cleansing, not only to remove make-up but also to remove sunscreen residue and pollutants, especially you are often outdoors. Specially formulated using Micro-Emulsification technology, this pre-cleanser produces micro particles that penetrate deep into skin to gently remove all impurities. Its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties also soothe skin and defend it against dehydration and acne.
PRICE = RM105.00

UV Sunscreen Face Care SPF24 PA++

 Never forget the vital sun block before an outing if you want to keep your skin free from pigmentation. This waterproof milk-based moisturising lotion contains squalene and titanium oxide that shields your skin from harmful UV rays and minimises skin oxidation while providing moisture to skin. It has a smooth and non-greasy after-feel and light enough to be even used as a make-up base.
PRICE = RM88.00

Eye Contour Essence

 Do you know the average person blinks over 10,000 times a day? Blinking and squinting can readily cause the delicate eye area to develop wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet. This eye essence provides a special dual function to lighten dark circles, reduce fine lines and provide moisture to the eye area while doubling up as a make-up base to conceal imperfections with a subtle glittering effect.
PRICE = RM105.00

Facial Massaging Pack

 Restore freshness and firmness to your face with the Special Care Facial Massaging Pack. This massaging pack deeply moisturises your skin and promotes skin metabolism, thus energizing cellular activities. With regular usage, you will experience improved elasticity and the restoration of radiance to your face.
It contains 12 main ingredients, including Stellaria Media Extract, Squalene, Ginseng Extract, Cabbage Rose Extract, Rutin and Japanese Angelica to:
• improve blood circulation for tissue regeneration
• provide reparative and restorative action on skin elasticity/collagen
• strengthen blood vessels for better permeation of nutrients and oxygen
• suppress the production of enzymes responsible for ageing and wrinkle formation
PRICE = RM297.00

Facial Peel-Off-Pack

If you want convenience and, at the same time, care for your face, then Special Care Facial Peel-off Pack is the one for you. This peel-off mask is easy to use and works effectively to restore moisture and skin elasticity. It contains Soluble Marine Collagen (seaweed) and Safflower Extract that:
• restore skin smoothness and softness by improving skin’s epidermis
• minimize pigmentation
• brighten complexion.
PRICE = RM120.00

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