Growing older is inevitable, but looking older than your age is not. This unfortunate development is due to premature ageing of skin – 80% of which is caused by environmental factors, especially the sun’s UV rays and pollution. One way to prevent premature ageing is with yeast extracts, as these can stimulate collagen synthesis for firmer and smoother skin.

Now, you can prolong your youth with preAGE. preAGE is specially formulated to fight premature ageing with its Bio-Rejuvenate System, an advanced technology developed in Switzerland. preAGE is exclusively formulated with Bio-Levo extract that 50% more effective in stimulating collagen regeneration compared to other yeast extracts, thus fine lines can be repaired, cells renewed and the skin’s natural defense system is strengthened. It also contains Daisy extract that is clinically shown to be 16 times more effective in increasing skin brightness and radiance as compared to Arbutin, a commonly used skin lightening agent. PreAGE also protects from harmful UV rays and free radical activities with its Micronised Titanium Dioxide and White Tea and Lotus extracts.

Cleansing Gel

 A light, invigorating gel with Keratolitic Complex to deep cleanse and remove dead skin cells and impurities effectively without drying the skin surface. It also contains orange, lemon and cucumber extracts to refresh, tighten and soothe the skin.

Toning Mist

 This effective toning mist uses Saccharide Isomerate to provide strength of 2 to 3 times increased moisture absorption and retains moisture for a longer duration while soothing and toning skin.

ay Creme SPF 30

  good moisturizer provides a moisture surge to skin all day long while a good sunscreen blocks out the sun’s damaging rays and delays ageing effects. Now, you can enjoy the best of 2 worlds with PreAGE Day Crème SPF 30, a 2-in-1 moisturising cream with Micronised Titanium Dioxide and SPF30 that keeps skin moist and gives effective and longer-lasting protection from UV rays.

Night Creme

This revitalising night crème contains Tocotrienol Complex with Vitamin E, Squalene and Phytosterol to neutralize free radicals and help prevent damage to skin. It also contains Sodium Hyaluronate to deliver intense hydration to skin while you sleep, thus giving you perfectly soft, supple and youthful skin.


  • preAGE Cleansing Gel – RM129.00
  • preAGE Toning Mist – RM140.00
  • eAGE Day Creme SPF 30 – RM176.00
  • preAGE Night Crème – RM188.00

1 SET =  RM445.00

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  • 1. yalemzewd  |  October 25, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    Your elaboration not much with my question i want to say that I need to protect growing white hair before maturity so what cani take measure to protect


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