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“May is a night shift worker. at 27/7 1am during work, she  felt very painful while passing urine. The whole toilet bowl  is full of blood! After work she straight away went to the Clinic to see doctor. The doctor suspect it’s Kidney stone and ask her to go to the Hospital immediately. At the hospital, doctor examined May’s Urine under micropscope, and found that it’s dirty and full of many types of bacteria. they concluded that the cause is actually ‘bacterial vaginitis ‘. They prescribed 7 – 8 types of Antibiotics to May and told her that she has to consume for at least 7 days to recover.

After that, May’s upline, Raymond helped to consult Elken nutritionist, and they also heard from DCM William’s sharing on Elken Latest  product ~ Probyo! it’s clinically proved that the 5 strain of bacteria in PROBYO can help to prevent relapse of bacterial vaginitis.   Thus, May started to consume 1 KingTon and 1 Probyo straight after seeing doctor.  Amazingly, one hour later when May went to toilet, she felt much less painful and her urine is normal yellow color. No More blood coming out!    She continued to take 1 Probyo everyday, and until now she’s fully recovered! Oh yes!”


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